Magic Markets #76: Private Equity - there's more to investing

Episode 76 May 18, 2022 00:30:36
Magic Markets #76: Private Equity - there's more to investing
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #76: Private Equity - there's more to investing

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On the equity investment spectrum from venture capital at one end to public markets at the other, private equity occupies a vast area in the middle. A successful private equity strategy is a hybrid of those concepts, with venture capital influences like growth and scale and public market influences like strong cash flows and solid assets.

Each market is different. In South Africa, the private equity industry is based on relationships and the best deals are done in an elite club. In the UK, the market is far more welcoming to a new entrant and there is a wide network of brokers that can bring access to deals.

Joined by Rob Grieve from Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management who recently relocated to the UK to build Westbrooke’s private equity business, we bring you a unique opportunity to learn more about the private equity industry and the differences between the UK and South African markets.
We highly recommend giving this show a listen.

The content of this podcast is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice, nor does it represent a solicitation of any member of the public to invest in any security. The investment vehicles managed by Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management are available to qualified, sophisticated investors only. Listeners should seek professional financial advice prior to making any investment.

Visit to find out more. Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management is an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP number 46750.

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