Magic Markets #77: Surviving bear markets

Episode 77 May 25, 2022 00:29:24
Magic Markets #77: Surviving bear markets
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #77: Surviving bear markets

May 25 2022 | 00:29:24


Show Notes

Bear markets aren’t easy. Those following long-term strategies watch their portfolio values take a dive. Traders can do really well in a time of heightened volatility, but the risks are higher too.

With Petri Redelinghuys of Herenya Capital Advisors, we explore some of the techniques required to survive a bear market. We also talked about some major recent investment themes in the market, ranging from uranium through to broader resources exposure.

We also touched on the financials index and how this sector has quietly outperformed the resources index on the JSE in 2022.

As always, the focus at Herenya is on educating investors and traders.

Herenya Capital Advisors is an authorised financial services provider, FSP number 47080. Visit the Herenya website to find out more and follow them on Twitter.

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