Magic Markets #75: Investing in Biotech

Episode 75 May 11, 2022 00:31:08
Magic Markets #75: Investing in Biotech
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #75: Investing in Biotech

May 11 2022 | 00:31:08


Show Notes

This week, we invited Anbro Capital back to pick their brains on biotech stocks. It’s an exciting space and Justiné Brophy, co-founder of Anbro, joins us this time around.

We kick off on the woes currently facing growth stocks and move into a detailed discussion on some of the most exciting ideas and opportunities the team is finding, specifically in biotech.

It’s not about sinking tons of cash into businesses that don’t make money. In this show, we unpack 3 ideas that the team is looking at that currently make money and that enjoy significant TAMs and growth potential. The team at Anbro put their own money where their mouths are!

Join us as we go beneath the surface to bring you insights and fresh perspectives…only on Magic Markets!

Episode 75 of Magic Markets is brought to you by AnBro Capital Investments, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP number 48371.
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