Magic Markets #102: Themes in Big Tech

Episode 102 November 16, 2022 00:24:11
Magic Markets #102: Themes in Big Tech
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #102: Themes in Big Tech

Nov 16 2022 | 00:24:11


Show Notes

As the dust settles on the Big Tech earnings season, we look back on what we’ve learnt from covering the leading tech companies in Magic Markets Premium in the past year, including recent shows on Meta, Amazon and Apple.

The fight for eyeballs is dominating this industry. The “attention economy” is lucrative and technology platforms have found various ways to monetise it, ranging from advertising to subscription business models.

If you are interested in uncommon insights, then this show is for you. Instead of focusing on the obvious elements of Big Tech earnings, we highlight some of the trends and themes that can only be identified through doing detailed research.

Like what you heard this week? Join us in Magic Markets Premium for an even greater in-depth look at some of the companies mentioned. Click on the banner below. 

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