Magic Markets #99: What's happening in the UK?

Episode 99 October 26, 2022 00:32:01
Magic Markets #99: What's happening in the UK?
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #99: What's happening in the UK?

Oct 26 2022 | 00:32:01


Show Notes

In the latest episode with the team from Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management, Richard Asherson joined us from the UK to talk about market conditions on the ground. The UK has been extremely topical this year and macroeconomic challenges are felt in private and public markets.

Apart from asking whether his money was on Liz or the lettuce, we touched on a number of fascinating topics:

• What does it mean to look for asymmetrical returns in a debt-led structure?
• How do current rates in the UK compare to long-term averages?
• What are the impacts of inflation on dealmaking and debt in company structures?
• How do private company portfolios perform in this environment?
• To what extent are UK consumers and businesses under pressure?
• How does Westbrooke add value to partners?
• How do exit strategies evolve over time?

There’s a great deal to learn from this podcast.

For more information on Westbrooke’s alternative asset strategies, be sure to visit to find out more. Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management is an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP number 46750.

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