Magic Markets #100: Market milestones

Episode 100 November 02, 2022 00:34:49
Magic Markets #100: Market milestones
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #100: Market milestones

Nov 02 2022 | 00:34:49


Show Notes

In our centenary show of Magic Markets, it was fitting to celebrate market milestones with a fellow entrepreneur in the market.

In the Intellidex Top Securities Brokers in South Africa 2022 report, Herenya Capital Advisors was awarded 1st position as broker for the 'Traditional Investor archetype'. That wasn't all. The team also achieved 2nd position in the 'People’s Choice Award' and a solid outcome of 5th Overall among 101 competitors in this space! 

Regular listeners have gotten to know Petri Redelinghuys and his style in building the community within Herenya. In this show, we chat through the secret sauce at Herenya and the success of many of the traders. We also talk about recent market movements and have our usual amount of fun.

As the founder of Herenya Capital Advisors, Petri is committed to upskilling traders and helping people find success in the market. To learn more about their offering, visit the Herenya website and follow them on Twitter. Herenya Capital Advisors is an authorised financial services provider, FSP number 47080.

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