Magic Markets #88: Growth is for stock pickers

Episode 88 August 10, 2022 01:06:15
Magic Markets #88: Growth is for stock pickers
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #88: Growth is for stock pickers

Aug 10 2022 | 01:06:15


Show Notes

In Episode 88 of Magic Markets, Justine Brophy of AnBro Capital Investments joined us to look back at the stocks that we talked about in Episode 80 with the AnBro team.

The performance of those stocks has been strong, highlighting the importance of stock picking in a volatile and difficult market. Through this process, we get insights into AnBro’s investment process and the way that the investment team looks at these opportunities.

In a world of exciting tech companies that make big promises about the future, it’s important to only invest in business models that you understand. This has been one of the secrets of success for AnBro.

Episode 88 of Magic Markets is brought to you by AnBro Capital Investments, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP number 48371.

Invest in the future. Invest in growth. Visit for more information.

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