Magic Markets #164: Cashbuild, Italtile and Home Depot

Episode 164 February 28, 2024 00:22:43
Magic Markets #164: Cashbuild, Italtile and Home Depot
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #164: Cashbuild, Italtile and Home Depot

Feb 28 2024 | 00:22:43


Show Notes

This episode of Magic Markets is brought to you by data and process automation specialists B2IT. The company makes robots so that people don’t have to be robots. If you hate it, automate it by visiting the B2IT website.

In Episode 164 of Magic Markets, the focus is on home building and DIY stocks. On the global stage, that means Home Depot as one of the best blue chips around. In South Africa, this means Cashbuild and Italtile and all the struggles they are facing in this economy.

To set the scene for those struggles and to remind you why being alert to global opportunities is so important, The Finance Ghost kicked off with a hard-hitting look at South African retail statistics for 2023 across various categories. This makes it clear why Cashbuild and Italtile are taking such strain. He then moved on to recent numbers from these retailers (and retailers in other sectors for context), before finishing off with the outlook for the sector.

Dealing with Home Depot, Mohammed Nalla started with the recent share price performance and how things played out vs. the technical levels we had identified in Magic Markets Premium. He also took a closer look at the trend in margins and the deterioration in metrics that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the share price. Has the valuation run away from the reality here?

If you enjoy learning about the strategies used by global companies, then you’ll love Magic Markets Premium with a library of around 120 reports and podcasts with even more detail and depth. You can get access to all our work for just R99/month at this link.


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