Magic Markets #87: Investing in Mobile Home Parks

Episode 87 August 03, 2022 00:32:42
Magic Markets #87: Investing in Mobile Home Parks
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #87: Investing in Mobile Home Parks

Aug 03 2022 | 00:32:42


Show Notes

Investing in mobile home parks is a wonderful example of how far the definition of an alternative asset can be stretched. It sounds odd, yet when you dig into this asset, you’ll find that it is simply a different way of getting exposure to residential property.

Westbrooke’s investments in this asset class have delivered strong USD-based returns. As we learnt on this show, some of the biggest names in the investment industry have exposure to this market, including Warren Buffett!

Get any thoughts of Jerry Springer out of your mind and prepare yourself for a great learning experience with Jonathan Loeb from Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management.

For more information on Westbrooke’s alternative asset strategies, be sure to visit to find out more. Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management is an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP number 46750.

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