Magic Markets #161: Meta and Microsoft

Episode 161 February 07, 2024 00:22:07
Magic Markets #161: Meta and Microsoft
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #161: Meta and Microsoft

Feb 07 2024 | 00:22:07


Show Notes

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Zuck you money. In Satya Nadella we trust. You’ll hear these things on this show, with the hosts focusing on two of the most exciting technology companies in the world.

Moe took on Meta, a love/hate stock for so many in the market. It’s been all about the love recently though, with an exceptional share price run. Zuckerberg’s initial Metaverse ambitions terrified investors and with good reason. A lot has changed since then, not least of all the market’s focus on Artificial Intelligence. With a clever pivot into focusing on the AI elements of the technology rather than the concept of a Metaverse itself, Meta is back in vogue. But will it last?

The Finance Ghost covered Microsoft, his favourite stock of them all. The strength of Microsoft lies in the recurring revenue profile with an enterprise client base. This gives great revenue visibility and continuity, along with the ability to keep increasing prices. The cloud cash cow gives Microsoft the ultimate war chest for further acquisitions, which is why Microsoft touches practically every part of the market.

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