Magic Markets #89: Unwrapping our Research Process

Episode 89 August 17, 2022 00:24:01
Magic Markets #89: Unwrapping our Research Process
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #89: Unwrapping our Research Process

Show Notes

In Magic Markets Premium, we’ve developed a research process that we apply every week in analysing global stocks. In this episode, we give you insights into that process.

We talk about the importance of forming a bull case and a bear case, as it forces you to challenge your view and question what might go wrong (or better than expected). We also discuss why we look at both the tenure and trading history of the management team. The competitive environment is important of course, as is an analysis of recent financial results.

We finish off with a discussion on the importance of combining technical and fundamental analysis.

You can subscribe to Magic Markets Premium at this link for R990/year or R99/month if you prefer dipping your toes in before committing for a full year.

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