Magic Markets #83: Tales from the Crypto

Episode 83 July 06, 2022 00:29:53
Magic Markets #83: Tales from the Crypto
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #83: Tales from the Crypto

Show Notes

The team from Future Forex is familiar to Magic Markets listeners. Those who have been taking advantage of crypto arbitrage have made a profit this year, something that not many people can say about their portfolios.

By exploiting pricing differences in local and international markets, the team at Future Forex has built a powerful system that delivers attractive returns. Even in the recent chaos of crypto, the business has stood firm.

In this episode, Harry Scherzer joins us to remind Magic Markets listeners about the crypto arbitrage opportunity and how an 80% average annual return has be achieved by their clients by cycling through the foreign investment allowance that every adult South African has each year.

Learn more about crypto arbitrage in this episode and visit for more information. Future Forex Arbitrage Services is an authorised Financial Services Provider for currency remittance services, FSP number 51884.

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