Magic Markets #59: The Westbrooke Alternative

Episode 59 January 19, 2022 00:25:27
Magic Markets #59: The Westbrooke Alternative
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #59: The Westbrooke Alternative

Show Notes

We are thrilled to welcome Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management as a brand partner to Magic Markets. With over R8 billion in assets under management across South Africa, the UK and the USA, Westbrooke provides a unique gateway to the world of alternative investments.

This is a fascinating space including assets like private debt, hybrid capital, real estate, private equity and venture capital. As the world shudders at the combination of high equity prices and low interest rates, alternative assets offer an interesting portfolio diversification opportunity.

Westbrooke will join us once a month on Magic Markets to unpack different areas of alternative investments.

In this first show, we meet Dino Zuccollo (Head of Product Development and Distribution at Westbrooke) and discuss an overview of the types of investments in this space and how they address the challenges of correlation in a portfolio.

Visit to find out more.
Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management is an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP number 46750.

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