Magic Markets #58: The Willet Show

Episode 58 January 12, 2022 00:29:14
Magic Markets #58: The Willet Show
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #58: The Willet Show

Show Notes

Willet Maseko is a long-time listener and was the first subscriber to Magic Markets Premium. When he offered us the opportunity to turn the tables and be interviewed on our own podcast, we couldn’t resist!

Willet asked us about how we identify companies for investment, our thoughts around key themes this year and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into Magic Markets Premium.

He also asked us whether we ever disagree. Oh yes, we disagree alright. All. The. Time.

That’s the core strength of Magic Markets: hosts Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost approach the world from different angles. By being part of the conversation, you benefit from a balanced view that can help you make up your own mind.

Willet is the founder of Willetco Brokers, a licensed financial services provider FSP number 1287. Willetco is also the sponsor of the Five’s Alive section in Ghost Mail.

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