Magic Markets #34: Riots and Rands

Episode 34 July 14, 2021 00:30:01
Magic Markets #34: Riots and Rands
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #34: Riots and Rands

Show Notes

Our home country is burning. South Africa is in economic turmoil and lives are being lost.

This isn't sensationalist. This is what is happening on the ground, right now.

In an incredibly sad week for our beautiful country, we have a heartfelt conversation about the situation and what it means for investors. It's an unpleasant reminder of the importance of creating optionality for yourself and your family.

We hope to offer some perspective in dark times.

Hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla would like to thank you for making time to listen to us in a week where you are being bombarded with news and analysis.

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