Magic Markets #55: The Supply Chain Expert

Episode 55 December 08, 2021 00:21:16
Magic Markets #55: The Supply Chain Expert
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #55: The Supply Chain Expert

Dec 08 2021 | 00:21:16


Show Notes

Andries Retief is the CEO of Central and Eastern Europe for DHL. He is also a Magic Markets Premium subscriber, so we know that he’s a man of impeccable taste. He’s currently right in the thick of the most topical industry in the world right now: supply chain. 

Building on our previous discussions on Supply chain (Episode 47), we couldn’t resist the opportunity to invite on the expert to take the discussion further. In Episode 55, Andries takes us through what's happening at the coal face of the current crunch in supply chains and both the opportunities and challenges that this is presenting.

We also couldn’t resist asking him about Formula 1, since DHL is a long-standing partner of the sport.
As ever, Magic Markets is your invitation to join fascinating conversations with people of influence.

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