Magic Markets #121: Buybacks, Banks and Big Spenders

Episode 121 April 19, 2023 00:30:34
Magic Markets #121: Buybacks, Banks and Big Spenders
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #121: Buybacks, Banks and Big Spenders

Apr 19 2023 | 00:30:34


Show Notes

In Episode 121 of Magic Markets, we took the time to reflect on some of the recent insights we’ve uncovered in our research for Magic Markets Premium and our general activities in the markets.

Specifically, we discussed:
• The poor use of share buybacks by US companies and how this relates to stock-based compensation, allocation of capital and artificially low dividend payout ratios
• The divergence in performance between national and regional banks in the US
• Why we look for optionality in a business model, with Apple’s announcement of a savings product as a great example
• A view on pure-play businesses like Winnebago and how to use these cyclical companies in a portfolio
• The recent popularity of the luxury sector, why investors are buying these companies and the risk of chasing the hype

This is just a taste of the types of discussions that we have in Magic Markets Premium. If you enjoyed these insights and if you want to learn more about global companies, subscribe to our library of Premium research that gets updated weekly at

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