Magic Markets #135: Our Recent Trades

Episode 135 July 26, 2023 00:20:48
Magic Markets #135: Our Recent Trades
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #135: Our Recent Trades

Jul 26 2023 | 00:20:48


Show Notes

We used Episode 135 as an opportunity to talk through some of the trades we’ve each made in our portfolios recently. We focused on global stocks in this show, with reference to Magic Markets Premium research where applicable.

As we always say: we eat our own cooking with that research.

Stocks covered in this show include Microsoft, Apple, Meta, Netflix, Tesla, Disney, TripAdvisor, Carnival Corporation, Visa, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Yum! Brands.

We also talked about the importance of having different buckets in your portfolio, ranging from solid long-term holds through to more speculative positions.

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