Magic Markets #113: Portfolio Winners and Losers

Episode 113 February 22, 2023 00:26:46
Magic Markets #113: Portfolio Winners and Losers
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #113: Portfolio Winners and Losers

Feb 22 2023 | 00:26:46


Show Notes

In Magic Markets, we try to eat our own cooking. When we cover stocks in Premium, it’s either because we already have a position in them or because we are interested in taking a position and want to do further research. In this episode of Magic Markets, we took advantage of a “just the two of us” situation to talk about some of the positions in our portfolios.

Moe opted to talk about Visa, Disney and Simon Property Group, as well as Fedex as an example of a trade that got away.

The Finance Ghost spoke about Hasbro as a mistake, alongside Accenture and Ferrari as much happier stories.

Authenticity has always been our focus in Magic Markets. We learn even more from our mistakes than we do from our wins and we love sharing those learnings with our listeners.

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