Magic Markets #85: US Earnings Season - July '22

Episode 85 July 20, 2022 00:28:05
Magic Markets #85: US Earnings Season - July '22
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #85: US Earnings Season - July '22

Jul 20 2022 | 00:28:05


Show Notes

It’s just the two of us on Episode 85, which gave us a great opportunity to talk about all kinds of things, really. We started off with macroeconomics because there’s just so much going on in that space. Inflation, interest rates and even copper are top of mind for traders and investors alike.

This led us into a discussion about banking regulation and how capital is being sucked out of the system by putting higher equity capital requirements on banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co. We talked about capital buffers and the impact they have on risk and returns.

We also talked about US consumers and particularly how direct-to-consumer strategies are paying off handsomely for retailers like Nike, Levi’s and Lululemon – companies we have covered before on Magic Markets Premium. For anyone interested in retail, this is a great learning opportunity.

We finished off with a discussion on the key themes we will be watching in this round of earnings releases. Concepts like JAWS and discretionary spending came up in the discussion.

If you enjoy Magic Markets, you’ll love Magic Markets Premium where we unpack business models and financial attributes of global stocks. We always include a technical and fundamental analysis as well, ending off with whether we would take a position in the company at the moment.

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