Magic Markets #51: Foreign Investment in SA

Episode 51 November 10, 2021 00:28:41
Magic Markets #51: Foreign Investment in SA
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #51: Foreign Investment in SA

Nov 10 2021 | 00:28:41


Show Notes

Natale Labia is a South African living in Italy (Milan, to be exact) and so he brings a European perspective to the show.

As an ex-South African banker, Natale is familiar with our market. He applies that expertise in his role as a partner at Lionhead Capital, where he is Head of Macro Strategy and Economics. You can read more about Natale's background at this link.

Some listeners may recognise his name from his regular contributions to Daily Maverick, a publication which Magic Markets co-host The Finance Ghost also contributes to on a weekly basis.

In this show, we discussed a macro view on the relative valuation of South African bonds and equities compared to other markets. We also talked about sectors of interest in South Africa and how international investors view our country.

Magic Markets is your invitation to be part of our global conversations on the markets and investments.

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