Magic Markets #46: M&A - Cash vs. Share Deals

Episode 46 October 06, 2021 00:25:15
Magic Markets #46: M&A - Cash vs. Share Deals
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #46: M&A - Cash vs. Share Deals

Oct 06 2021 | 00:25:15


Show Notes

In Episode 46 of Magic Markets, The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla take a break from trading-related concepts to talk about another critical part of the financial markets ecosystem: mergers and acquisitions.

The recent Zoom - Five9 transaction is a great case study, mainly because it fell over in the end. Zoom tried to do an all-share deal and Five9 shareholders weren't interested in receiving Zoom shares in return for selling Five9.

The hosts explore the theories behind cash vs. share deals and touch on numerous practical concepts that they have seen play out in the markets. The benefit of having more than 25 years of combined financial markets experience is clear in this episode. Magic Markets is your invitation to sit in on our conversations about the markets.

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