Magic Markets #70: Crypto Arbitrage Update

Episode 70 April 06, 2022 00:28:44
Magic Markets #70: Crypto Arbitrage Update
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #70: Crypto Arbitrage Update

Show Notes

Long-standing Magic Markets listeners will know the Future Forex team. They introduced the concept of crypto arbitrage to us, a process of making profits on Bitcoin pricing differences between South Africa and offshore.

Instead of taking a view on Bitcoin itself, this allows you to generate arbitrage profits and enjoy an interesting and potentially lucrative source of income each year. You may not know this, but your annual offshore investment allowance under South African Reserve Bank rules is an asset that you can tap into every year.

The content of this podcast is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice, nor does it represent a solicitation of any member of the public to invest. Listeners should seek professional financial advice prior to making any investment.

Learn more about crypto arbitrage in this episode and visit the Future Forex website for more information. Future Forex Arbitrage Services is an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP number 51884.


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