Magic Markets #49: Heroes and Net Zeroes

Episode 49 October 28, 2021 00:26:32
Magic Markets #49: Heroes and Net Zeroes
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #49: Heroes and Net Zeroes

Show Notes

There’s nothing more topical than ESG. There’s also nothing more complicated and politically sensitive on the global stage. 

With COP 26 taking place soon in Glasgow, everyone is focused on ESG. We are seeing this in the markets, in corporate strategies and in asset management products. 

To help us make sense of it all and to get a global view on these matters, we were thrilled to welcome Kate Mackenzie to the show. Kate is a Bloomberg Green Columnist based in Australia. We had to navigate some tricky time zones to make this episode work, but that pales in comparison to how tricky the underlying topics are. 

Magic Markets is your invitation to join The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla on a journey of discovery in the markets.

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