Magic Markets #33: Do Your DiDi

Episode 33 July 08, 2021 00:25:17
Magic Markets #33: Do Your DiDi
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #33: Do Your DiDi

Show Notes

The markets have been all over the place in the past week, with a rollercoaster ride for investors in Chinese tech stocks in particular. Ride-hailing business DiDi has been the catalyst for the latest concerns.

In Episode 33 of Magic Markets, The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla chat through some of the companies in their portfolios and the approach they take when sections of the portfolio are under pressure.

There's also a reminder that risks aren't always in line with the popular narrative. Although Chinese stocks are being discounted currently, the pending IPO of Robinhood is a perfect example of a risky play that has nothing to do with China.

If nothing else, DiDi is a reminder that investors must always do their DD (due diligence) when investing in any company. You can't always see the risks, but the process is important to go through.

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