Magic Markets #30: Investing Down Under

Episode 30 June 17, 2021 00:27:58
Magic Markets #30: Investing Down Under
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #30: Investing Down Under

Jun 17 2021 | 00:27:58


Show Notes

Mohammed Nalla took a break this week to deal with a tragic loss in his family, while The Finance Ghost ensured that the show goes on. Mark Tobin is the guest this week, an Irishman who writes about Australian stocks while living in Stellenbosch!

He may struggle to choose who to support in the Rugby World Cup and he certainly struggles with Afrikaans pronunciations, but his international perspectives are invaluable.

The show includes discussions on the key sectors in Australia, the spread of companies on the ASX, the extent of the small-cap universe vs. South Africa and the type of return metrics that can typically be expected on that market.

If you want to expand your portfolio universe to include Australian stocks, this is a must-listen. For more from Mark, follow Coffee Microcaps on Twitter.

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