Magic Markets #20: Buy-Toi-Let

Episode 20 April 08, 2021 00:26:04
Magic Markets #20: Buy-Toi-Let
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #20: Buy-Toi-Let

Apr 08 2021 | 00:26:04


Show Notes

In Episode 20 of Magic Markets, hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows) discuss property investing and their respective views on whether buy-to-let is a good idea.

The Finance Ghost likes to call it buy-toi-let instead, which gives you a clue into what he thinks about the idea.

With fascinating real world insights into the property market in developed countries vs. South Africa, Episode 20 focuses on an area of interest for many investors: property investment.

Of course, there are a few references to listed companies too. The hosts can't help themselves. 

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