Magic Markets #143: Adobe and Salesforce

Episode 143 September 20, 2023 00:23:45
Magic Markets #143: Adobe and Salesforce
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #143: Adobe and Salesforce

Sep 20 2023 | 00:23:45


Show Notes

Welcome to episode 143 of Magic Markets! Continuing with our new format, we explore two tech giants with cloud software-as-a-service models.

Adobe, often called "Microsoft for creatives," has delivered strong recent returns and has some rather exciting developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Salesforce is also brilliantly positioned for AI, so the companies have more in common than you might think.

With topics ranging from the passing of Adobe’s founder through to the substantial improvement in operating margin at Salesforce, this show also includes an overview of recent trading performance. Perhaps most importantly, we each picked out favourite at the end.

Which would you choose? Adobe for its solid product set and financials, or Salesforce for its AI potential and broad reach?

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