Magic Markets #13: Disney vs. Netflix

Episode 13 February 18, 2021 00:24:11
Magic Markets #13: Disney vs. Netflix
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #13: Disney vs. Netflix

Feb 18 2021 | 00:24:11


Show Notes

It's an investment rumble in the jungle, as the House of Mouse takes on Netflix.

Although Netflix gets all the credit for being a techy platform company (and included in the FAANG group), Disney+ already has nearly 100 million subscribers vs. just over 200 million at Netflix. Of course, there's so much more to Disney than Disney+, like the entire Parks business and arguably the most impressive back catalogue in the world.

"Netflix creates shows, but Disney creates worlds."

In Episode 13 of highly rated podcast Magic Markets, The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows) discuss their views on which business is the better investment. They also throw out a third idea as a curveball.

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