Magic Markets #106: The Global View with Marko Papic

Episode 106 December 14, 2022 00:47:36
Magic Markets #106: The Global View with Marko Papic
Magic Markets
Magic Markets #106: The Global View with Marko Papic

Dec 14 2022 | 00:47:36


Show Notes

If you’ve looked at your portfolio even once this year, you’ll know that 2022 has proven how vital a solid geopolitical analytical framework can be in generating returns.

As the author of the book Geopolitical Alpha, Marko Papic is a global geopolitical expert and partner at Clocktower Group, who advises some of the largest pension funds and investors globally. As a friend of Moe's, we were able to twist his arm to share some of his views on global geopolitics and the risks and opportunities they currently present for investors.

Having travelled to South Africa many times, Marko also has a particular affinity for the country (and its kudu carpaccio), sharing his views with us on how SA stacks up in the overall emerging markets space.

In this incredible episode, we also discussed fascinating views on China, oil prices and the importance of multi-polarity in the modern world. You do not want to miss this, even if this is a longer episode than normal.

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